Thursday, February 14, 2013

From Paris with love


I am so in love with Paris!
I always dreamt of moving to Paris but weirdly moved to Bergen :)

I was lucky to celebrate my birthday in Paris last month!!
I have a birthday on St. Valentines Day and it was so romantic to be there on this day!

I have been there with my boyfriend and we had a great photo session with for which I made a very special st. valentine´s day bouquet with red red roses!

So I would like to share some photos with you!
Hope you will enjoy.

BTW, the bouquet is made of deco clay by me :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Great things to share

That´s a long time since I have posted something to the blog and I am really sorry about this.

I had lots of things happened the last seven months since my last post in the blog...
I have travelled a lot - have been to St. Petersburg taking new modeling course by Kazuko and Yukiko Miyai,

have been to London taking flower course at Jane Packer flower school

and much more!!

But the most exciting thing for me is probably that I was offered a great honor  to be published in the new 2013 issue DECO Newsletter

The full newsletter is available for download here
Please check page 31 for my article :)

Thank you the year 2012 and looking forward to the year 2013!


Do you like hydrangeas?
I definitely do!

Looking forward to St. Valentine´s Day

Preparation for the St. Valentine´s Day is in progress... around 50 roses were made by me of clay.
And what about you, are you ready for this special day..?